Google released teasers for its yet-to-be-released Google Glass, the high-tech eyewear that's essentially a smartphone for your face, on Wednesday.

The official promo video features a number of people using Google Glass in a myriad of ways, from making a live recording of a skydive to taking photos by voice command to getting flight information while racing to the airport.

Images on the Google Glass website show more uses for the frames, including voice translation, voice messaging and live directions, among other features.

Google Glass won’t be available for retail sale anytime soon, but tech enthusiasts and others interested in the device can apply to test prototypes of the glasses.

“We’re looking for bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be part of shaping the future of Glass,” Google says.

Until Feb. 27, consumers can apply to be a “Glass Explorer” to test a special edition of the gadget. Applications will be accepted via Google+ or Twitter: Beginning with the hashtag #ifihadglass, applicants must describe what they would do with Google Glass in 50 words or less to apply.

However, the ability to be one of the first to try Google Glass won’t come cheaply. Those selected will have to shell out $1,500 for a pair of the glasses and a chance to attend a special event in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles to pick them up.

Visit the Google Glass website for additional instructions on how to enter.