Google Goggles - An example of Google's new visual search in action. (Credit: Google)

Google announced a very cool new product on Monday at its Searchology event called Google Goggles - a new feature that allows you to search with images.

By using a camera on your Android cell phone, you can take a picture of your location or object, and then enter it in and Google Goggles will pull up information associated with the image.

It is our goal to be able to identify any image, said Vic Gundotra, Google's vice president of engineering, according to Cnet.

It represents our earliest efforts in the field of computer vision. You can take a picture of an item, use that picture of whatever you take as the query.

The company also showed off real-time search results which provide faster results of breaking news stories, Twitter feeds, blog entries and other content. The feature is part of Google's attempt of capturing the world's ongoing online conversation in real time.

Google Goggles users will be able to lookup things like CD Covers, bar codes, book covers, artworks, logos, landmarks among others.

To recognize text, Google uses optical character recognition.

Google Goggles is now available for Android users at Google Labs.

Watch a video below which demonstrates Google Goggles: