One of the summer's most anticipated blockbuster movies, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be released in the United States on Wednesday.

As fans are prepping to watch the third installment of the series, some reviews are already in and are fairly mixed.

The Hollywood Reporter said, The kick of the first movie was the pleasurable shock of humans and these transformative mechanical beings interacting. The third chapter is dedicated to little more than wanton destruction.

Variety calls the third movie much better and improved from the second installment.

 Bay seems to have placed a slightly higher value on visual coherence, holding the frame longer than usual, demonstrating more continuity in the editing, allowing the viewer to savor the cars' 3D-enhanced transformations in tantalizing slow-motion, and including enough wide shots to allow for more generous, less claustrophobic view of the action. The result may still be a big, bloated spectacle, but it's a big, bloated spectacle you can just about follow.

CinemaBlend also had mixed reviews. It calls the movie lifeless but says that, that was the purpose.

 Dark of the Moon has taken out all the bad jokes and the boring stuff to give us two and a half hours full of nothing but the biggest special effects any movie has ever offered in stunning 3D, and it's doing it better than any other movie has before.

The best review came from Hitfix calling it easily the best film in the series.

There's a solid hour-long action sequence in Chicago that uses everything Bay's ever done before, but all blended into one exhausting push to save one girl in the midst of a war involving two palnets. It's the personal story on an apocalyptic scale that Bay loves to try to tell, and that other guys like Emmerich and Cameron and even Spielberg love to do. And this is the best version of it that Bay's made so far.

The movie, which stars Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is slated for release Wednesday, June 29.