There's no better way to spend Memorial Day weekend than watching baseball, America's pastime. Here are a few apps you'll want to install before you head out to the ballpark. Don't forget sunscreen and a glove.

Gametime (Free, Android, iOS)

screen568x568 Tickets purchased at the last minute can often be much cheaper than tickets purchased in advance. Photo: Screenshot

Unless you plan to buy from the box office or a scalper, you'll need tickets. And while there are a slew of apps that let you purchase tickets on your phone, including MLB's official app, Gametime is great for last-minute tickets. The app shows secondary-market tickets, and if you're purchasing on the day of the game, there's a chance you can nab great seats at low prices.

Instead of scrolling through walls of options, Gametime only shows you what it thinks are the best tickets in each section, so you can pick a set of seats quickly. If you've got an iPhone, you can pay through Apple Pay. 

Once you're at the park, you can use the app to scan your ticket barcode at the gate (at most parks). If you're bringing buddies, you can also email or text your ticket to them, and they can open up the barcode even if they don't have the app. 

MLB Ballpark (Free, Android, iOS)

screen322x572 MLB Ballpark is Major League Baseball's official in-stadium app. Photo: Screenshot

Once you're at the park, you'll probably want Major League Baseball's official app. It's got full maps of most stadiums,, so if you're wondering where the closest bathrooms are to your seat, the app can tell you.

When you're at the park, you can "check in" using your phone's iBeacon capabilities. That gets you deals on apparel and game highlights. And if you're tired of your bleacher seats, you can upgrade your seats from the app. So if there are few fans behind homeplate, your phone might be able to get you past the usher (if you pay.)

iScore Baseball/Softball Scorekeeping ($9.99, Android, iOS)

screen520x924 iScore Baseball is a way to do old-school baseball scoring on yoru phone. Photo: Screenshot

Now that you've found your seats, it's time to lock in for at least three hours of action packed baseball. Some fans like to keep score, which helps them stay in the flow of the game. Instead of picking up a $15 program and a stubby pencil from the vendor, try iScore znaseball. The app lets you note what happened in a play -- strikeout, or single to left -- where the ball was hit to, as well as which fielders were involved in which outs. And if you see something exciting, like a classic 6-4-3 double play, you can share it on social media. MLB rosters are available as an in-app purchase. 

LookFor ($.99, Android, iOS)

screen322x572 (1) Pick a color that will stand out in a crowd -- so probably not the home team's colors. Photo: Screenshot

After the game, there's going to be a crush of fans heading for the exits. If you're looking to meet up with buddies or you got separated from your group, it can be hard to find each other efficiently, especially if cell service isn't great. So download LookFor, which its creator calls "the world's dumbest app." I'm not so sure. It seems like a good idea to me. 

LookFor turns your smartphone into a flag. Pick a color you and your buddies are going to keep your eye out for. When you get separated, turn the app on and hold it over your head. It will flash and blink the color you chose earlier and your friends -- or kids -- will be able to locate you surprisingly quickly. 

Baseball Superstars 2012 (Free, Android, iOS)

screen480x480 Baseball Superstars isn't realistic, but it's a lot of fun. Photo: Screenshot

Now the game is over but you're still a trip away from home, either on mass transportation or maybe in the backseat of a car. Kill the time playing games on your phone, but skip serious baseball simulations like 9 Innings -- you just watched the real thing. Instead, download this free Japanese RPG-style baseball game, which is addicting, colorful, and free.