While the world mourns the loss of “Flappy Bird” and opportunists try to take advantage of the hype with outrageously priced Ebay listings for Apple  (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhones and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android smartphones pre-loaded with the game, Sesame Workshop has come out with its own flash clone featuring Bert, one of the many “Sesame Street” characters.

“Flappy Bert” features almost identical gameplay to the iconic “Flappy Bird,” which is now absent from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. In place of the bird that has generated tons of buzz and hatred from players of the simple but frustrating “Flappy Bird,” Sesame Workshop placed a blue bird holding onto Bert, the iconic counter part of Ernie on “Sesame Street.”

Flappy Bert Sesame Workshop "Flappy Bert" is easier or just as difficult as "Flappy Bird." It just depends on who you ask. Photo: Screenshot/Sesame Workshop

As for what’s different with this “Flappy Bird” clone, not much has changed. Aside from a few color changes, “Flappy Bert” still features similar graphic styles of classic 8-bit video games -- albeit with a “Sesame Street” twist.

The gameplay of “Flappy Bert” remains relatively unchanged in comparison to its spiritual predecessor, “Flappy Bird.”

However, unlike “Flappy Bird,” which was released for iOS and Android, Sesame Workshop’s “Flappy Bert” can be played on any web browser: desktop, mobile or tablet.

“Flappy Bert” is among the countless number of “Flappy Bird” clones that emerged onto iPhones, Android smartphones and the Internet after “Flappy Bird” was taken down by its creator, Dong Nguyen, 29.  Nguyen, claimed the reasoning behind the removal was due to “Flappy Bird” being an “addictive product.”

Despite the removal of “Flappy Bird” from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, malware posing as the now removed “Flappy Bird” have also started to appear around the Internet.

Fortunately “Flappy Bert” happens to be one of the “Flappy Bird” clones that don’t come with the adverse side effect of malware.

Play “Flappy Bert” on any web-enabled device at the official Sesame Workshop website.