Earth-2 Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) may be coming back in Season 3, episode 7 of “The Flash.”

Kevin Smith, who has just started to direct the episode, shared a photo of the episode script on Twitter. Although he deliberately covered the episode title in the cover page of the script, a resourceful fan on Twitter still managed to discover that the episode title is actually “Killer Frost.”

Panabaker seemingly confirmed the episode title when she replied to Smith’s tweet, writing: “So glad you’re back! Probably my favorite episode this season…” Although Panabaker’s tweet has since been deleted, it’s pretty obvious why episode 7 can easily become her favorite episode in the upcoming installment.

Danielle Panabaker Tweet Danielle Panabaker’s since-deleted reply to Kevin Smith’s tweet Photo: Twitter

Earth-2 Killer Frost was last seen in Season 2, episode 14 (“Escape from Earth 2”), where she had tried to kill Earth-1 Caitlin (Panabaker) by firing an icicle at her. But with the use of Zoom’s (Teddy Sears) super speed, the speedster was able to save Caitlin by grabbing the icicle out of the air and stabbing Killer Frost using it through her stomach. After that scene, a lot of viewers presumed that she was already dead. The “Killer Frost” episode title, however, seems to suggest that it isn’t the case.

The “Killer Frost” episode title, on the other hand, could also refer to Earth-1 Caitlin. Although Caitlin has said that she has performed tests which confirmed that she does not have the metahuman gene, it should be noted that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) — who was presumably tested after the particle accelerator explosion — wasn’t aware that he was a metahuman for almost two years, until his death in an erased timeline triggered his metahuman capabilities. So it is possible that Caitlin could also be a metahuman with the same powers as Earth-2 Killer Frost, but has yet to trigger the gene.

For instance, Sears previously said that Caitlin’s failed romance with Zoom might contribute to her becoming Killer Frost in the future.

“We’ve seen her be Killer Frost. We see her heart wants to grow cold, is how I can put it,” Sears told E! News. “She then has to begin to struggle with [the idea that] here’s another guy who I thought I loved who is now gone — not physically gone like Ronnie [Robbie Amell], but he’s gone. The prospect of him is gone. Just like in life, how does one react to that sort of thing? There are two very distinct ways to go.”

“I’m not saying she becomes Killer Frost in life at all,” Sears went to explain. “But we all know from seeing her doppelganger that she has that potential. She begins to internalize what she has to do next with this new information. Who will she become? How will she react?”

Alternatively, the “Killer Frost” episode title could also suggest that Caitlin’s “Flashpoint” identity in Season 3 is actually Killer Frost. But since the “Flashpoint” arc won’t last all season, it’s unclear whether the show is still on the “Flashpoint” story arc in Episode 7.

Do you think Earth-2 Killer Frost is coming back in Episode 7? Or is Earth-1 Caitlin starting to become like her villainous Earth-2 doppelganger in the episode? Sound off in the comments below!

“The Flash” Season 3 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.