Kevin Smith has revealed a couple of new details about Season 3, Episode 7 of “The Flash,” which he is set to direct.

In a new Instagram post, Smith wrote that Episode 7 “contains a lot of ‘First’ moments and [a] super heroic sparring spectacle.” While the 46-year-old filmmaker and comic book writer didn’t expound on what those first moments are and which characters would be butting heads in the sparring spectacle he mentioned, he has been very vocal that the episode has “got lots more action sequences and fights” compared to the first “The Flash” episode he directed last season.

“Just read the script to the episode of @CW_TheFlash I start working on next week and... I LOVE IT! Lots more action-y stuff than my last ep,” Smith tweeted on Sept. 1

Smith’s return to “The Flash” director’s chair wasn’t really a big surprise, as reported last May that everyone on the production of the CW series enjoyed working with him as the director of last season’s Episode 21, titled “The Runaway Dinosaur.”

In fact, series actor Carlos Valdes revealed to TVLine in May that Smith’s directorial gig on “The Flash” was the best directing experience he’s ever had on the show.

“I had no expectations and literally no idea what to expect, and he came on board and it was the best directing experience that I've had on the show, personally,” said Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon on the show. “He killed it, knocked it out of the park, man.”

Valdes went on to say that Smith was so giving and trusting as a director. “He essentially allowed so many of the people working on the show to have the freedom to tell this story the way that they knew how,” the 27-year-old actor said.

“We've been telling this story and living with these characters for two years now, so we know this show pretty well. Usually, somebody will come in and sort of enact their vision of this story and have their say in how they want to frame the story, but Kevin’s approach was unique in that he allowed us as a collective team, as a group of over 100 crew and cast, to feel out this story. It was very hands-off at times, and that made for some great work," Valdes added.

It was announced at the Television Critics Association summer press tour last month that aside from his second “The Flash” directorial gig, Smith is also set to direct an episode in Season 2 of “Supergirl.”