Ever since Manny Pacquiao defeated Chris Algieri on Nov.22, there has been increased speculation that he and Floyd Mayweather will fight in 2015. While the two sides have admitted to discussing a potential mega-fight, PacMan continues to put pressure on the undefeated boxer to accept his challenge.

Pacquiao hasn’t been shy about trying to goad Mayweather into taking a fight through social media. On New Year’s Eve, he tweeted about his hopes to take on Mayweather.


On Sunday, Pacquiao called out Mayweather on Instagram.





Mayweather has yet to agree to a fight with Pacquiao, who's been hoping to get his shot at the world's best boxer for the past few years. While issues of drug testing and a split of the purse are no longer obstacles, Mayweather has maintained that Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, is the reason he has not agreed to fight PacMan. Pacquiao and members of his camp have implied that Mayweather is “ducking” the fight, but the 37-year-old says that isn’t the case.

“Bob Arum is in the way of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight...They have been lying to the critics, all the websites, the blogs, social media and everyone for years," Mayweather said, via fighthype.com.

Mayweather has also used social media to defend himself, retweeting former NBA player Walter McCarty, after Pacquiao said the fans have waited long enough to see the two boxers meet in the ring.




Both Mayweather and Pacquiao are looking for an opponent in their next fight. Mayweather has two bouts left on his deal with Showtime, and if the first two years of his contract are any indication, his first fight of 2015 will take place on the Saturday before Cinco de Mayo.

Mike Koncz, chief adviser to Pacquiao, said via philstar.com that PacMan will fight twice in 2015. According to Koncz, Top Rank and Mayweather’s camp are still in negotiations, though Arum said in late 2014 that he wasn’t confident the fight would happen.