Last year, Floyd Mayweather was the highest paid athlete in sports. After his fight with Marcos Maidana, the same should hold true for 2014.

Mayweather defeated Maidana on Saturday to improve is career record to 46-0. Prior to the bout, the undefeated boxer was guaranteed $32 million. Now, Mayweather is boasting that event will net him more than twice what he was guaranteed.



The fight lasted all 12 rounds, meaning Mayweather was paid more than $2.6 million for each three-minute round. In addition to his guaranteed earnings, Mayweather receives a portion of the pay-per-view revenue. According to his Twitter post, the extra compensation alone should surpass his guaranteed money.

The PPV numbers have yet to be released, so it’s difficult to say how much Mayweather will actually make. In all likelihood, however, his claim of $70 million appears to be a stretch.

According to Forbes, it will be nearly impossible for Mayweather to net $70 million from his fight with Maidana. Even if the bout did $1.5 million buys, Mayweather wouldn’t earn an extra $38 million, after the cable companies and Showtime take their cut of the PPV revenue.

In September, Mayweather set multiple records with his fight against Canelo Alvarez. He was guaranteed $41.5 million and the fight recorded 2.2 million buys. Before taking on Alvarez, though, Mayweather’s bout with Robert Guerrrero did just over a million buys. While the fight with Maidana was much closer than many expected, it was predicted to be one of Mayweather’s easiest victories, and likely won’t come anywhere near the Mayweather-Canelo numbers.

The PPV buys could be helped by a competitive undercard. Adrien Broner, who Maidana defeated in his previous fight, scored a victory. Amir Khan, who is vying to be Mayweather’s next opponent, was also on the card.

Even if $70 million is a little high, the fight still allowed Mayweather to add a significant amount money to his fortune. Based on just his guaranteed earnings, Mayweather made $14,815 per second and $888,889 per minute on Saturday night.

Mayweather’s biggest payday came in September, when the fight against Alvarez reportedly netted him $80 million. More viewers, however, saw his bout with Oscar De La Hoya. The 2007 fight set a record with 2.5 million PPV buys.

Maidana was guaranteed $1.5 million for the fight, but he’ll also receive more money from PPV revenue.