Floyd Mayweather has won another six-figure bet on a sporting event.

The boxer won a $100,000 wager on the Chargers victory over the Raiders on Monday Night Football. San Diego beat Oakland 22-14 in the final game of Week 1 of the 2012 NFL Season.

Mayweather tweeted a picture of his winning ticket. His bet netted him $83,333.35, as he took the Chargers, who were one-point underdogs.

This isn't the first time the boxer has let the public know about his gambling. He often sends out pictures on Twitter or Instagram of his winning tickets.

There are often rumors about Mayweather losing large bets, though the boxer has never tweeted a losing ticket. A recent report said he lost $3 million on the Michigan-Alabama football game in the first week of the college football season, but Mayweather denied the claims.

It's not sure how much money he may have lost this weekend, but Mayweather did win a few big bets in Week 1.

He bet $200,000 on the Dallas Cowboys in the season opener. They beat the New York Giants in the first game on Wednesday night. Mayweather also won a $250,000 bet on the Falcons in their win against the Chiefs.