Thousands of crestfallen followers are waiting for the first public statement by failed Doomsday prophet Harold Camping, who wrongly predicted that the world will come to an end on May 21, 2011.

Following Camping's Judgement Day proclamation, many adherents of his theological view were waiting for the rapture to take place.

The 89-year old stated that the Christian Rapture, the Biblical Second Coming of Jesus Christ, would take place on May 21 while the rest of the world will be completely destroyed on October 21, 2011 in a series of natural disasters including earthquakes.

We know without any shadow of a doubt it is going to happen, Reuters quoted Camping stating. The basis of his Doomsday theory has been the great Biblical flood of Noah's times.

Camping observed that in the Bible, Noah had been given 7 days to prepare for the flood. He was warned that the great flood would wipe away every living soul who was not on board his vessel. Based on this, he calculated that the '7-day warning notice' has been in place and he has actually decoded it precisely. Camping says though, that instead of a 7-day warning, it's really been a 7,000-year-warning.

Prominent theologian Dr. R.C. Sproul, founder of Ligonier Ministries Reformed education organization has released a series of lectures on the different opinions the Christians hold with regards to rapture and the end of times.

The Christian Post quoted Sproul stating that most Christians believe in the theological view of dispensational premillennialism where the rapture takes place right before a period of great tribulation. Afterward, Jesus will return again with the saints for his final manifestation and reign for a thousand years. Besides this, Sproul also outlined other eschatological positions that Christians hold regarding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This includes theological opinions like Full preterism, Amillennialism, Postmillennialism and Historic premillennialism.

Full preterists are of the opinion that all of the specific events prophesied in the New Testament regarding Doomsday have already taken place in the first century. Amillennialists, on the other hand, hold to the view that the Kingdom of God began with the first appearance of Christ.

The most optimistic among them are the Postmillennialists while the Historic premillennialists believe that the rapture, along with the resurrection of saints and judgment, will take place after the great tribulation all within the twinkling of an eye.

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