Chelsea have been linked to the Belgian striker since the transfer window opened.

Chelsea are reportedly close to completing a deal for Anderlecht striker Romelu Lukaku, with a deal set to be agreed over the weekend.

Belgian reports suggest that the player has already agreed a five-year-contract with Chelsea and only a transfer fee between the two clubs remains to be concluded. Anderlecht president Herman Van Holsbeeck is also said to have travelled to London for negotiations.

Lukaku also expects a deal to be concluded soon.

 "I am waiting very calmly for the phone call that will tell me everything has been agreed between the clubs." He told Le Soir "Anderlecht and my agent are aware that this uncertainty is not good for me or the club. They will resolve things at some point."

When asked if was ready for Chelsea, he said, "Absolutely. If I'm surrounded by players better than those I'm currently playing with at Anderlecht, I have the ability to adapt quickly and raise my game. I wouldn't play immediately if I join a top European club but I will be in an environment that will make me stronger. I will need a period of adjustment, perhaps a season, before I can compete.

"It has been suggested that I should play, most of all, and not lose time sitting on the bench, but if I went to a big club like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern or Chelsea, I wouldn't want to burn out. Those games at that level are much more intense. If I go into a challenge with Vince (Vincent Kompany) in training with the Red Devils (the Belgian national team), I always feel - 'Ooomph, I will need some time to adapt there!'

"I don't want to go somewhere to be fifth choice, though. I couldn't. I would say yes to two experienced strikers and a youngster, because that would mean I could develop and get a couple of games."

However, he refused to rule out the possibility of continuing at Anderlecht.

"I think we'll have a great season," he said in De Morgen. "I am counting on the possibility of still being here. But if I stay it will be to destroy all opposition. I want to make it an exceptional season then."

He added, "A coach for the strikers would be useful, you can see that everywhere, but right now I am content with what I have. I told the manager last year that I needed it, because I wasn't making any progress, but I am having individual training sessions, helping my finishing in packed areas and such."