The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation of stuck throttles possibly affecting as many as 360,000 2005 and 2006 Ford Taurus cars.

The investigation was launched last week following 14 complaints from owners alleging incidents of a stuck throttle in 2005 and 2006 Ford Taurus vehicles.

Complaints allege engine speeds as high as approximately 4,000 RPM after shifting into Park or Neutral. Some complaints report that it was difficult to slow the vehicle with the service brakes during the incident and one report indicated that when the car was finally stopped, it was partially in an intersection after going through a red light, said the investigation report.

The issue may be detached cruise control cables. In some cases, drivers allegedly had to shut off the engines of their cars or shift into neutral to stop.

The investigation is in a preliminary evaluation stage to assess the scope, frequency, and safety-related consequences of the alleged defect.

A decision from the NHTSA could take as long as three to six months.