Jose Baez's victory in the Casey Anthony case in which he successfully defended Anthony against the charge of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee is widely known. Baez made the headlines numerous times with Anthony's case and here is another update on him.

This time around the spotlight is on him because he is defending Gary Giordano, the only suspect in the disappearance of the missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner, 35. Gardner went missing on Aug. 2 this year from Baby beach, Aruba.

Baez, whose recent weight gain may be an indication that he is enjoying the continued fame and attention, might be on cloud nine, as there are reports that he is bullying Gardner's boyfriend, Richard Forester, exclusively reported.

Forester says that Baez recently made threatening comments to him. Apparently, Baez warned Forester that if he did anymore interviews, he would be walking a fine line in terms of a defamation suit. 

I think he was feeling the heat because of the questions I was asking, Forester told the Web site in an exclusive interview.

I think the comment he made about there being an FBI report about mine and Robyn's relationship was just to scare me. Why would that have any bearing on what happened down there? It's disgusting that he would even try to do something like that.

Forester, who was dating Gardner before she went to Aruba with Giordano and disappeared while snorkeling, has certainly taken the threats seriously, but is not scared of them.

Baez was trying to bully me. I don't get bullied. I walk a fine line but I don't step over that line. I am very careful. Baez does not scare me whatsoever, he said.

Giordano, 50, was arrested by authorities when he tried leaving Aruba in August, after he reported Gardner's disappearance. After a lot of searches over four months, neither Gardner's body nor any related evidence was recovered, and hence, a judge ordered Giordano to be freed last week. Giordano was released from the Aruban jail on Nov. 29. He recently appeared on Good Morning America and proclaimed that he had no part to play in her disappearance.