Kim Richards has returned to social media once more to update fans on her sobriety. The former “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star first broke her social media silence in early August, sharing a sweet Instagram post for daughter Kimberly Jackson’s 20th birthday. The photo marked the first time Richards, 51, spoke out after her legal woes began in April.

According to E! Online, the ex “RHOBH” star took to Twitter to wish her fans a happy Labor Day. She also took the opportunity to let her 489,000 followers know she loved and had missed them. She spoke out again on Wednesday, tweeting an inspirational message about self-love and appreciation. Her Twitter activity prompted a response from a fan who asked if she was “still sober?” Richards responded, assuring the person asking, and anyone else who may have seen the tweet, that she was.

Perhaps Richards’ recent string of positive tweets was inspired by the fact that things seem to finally be going her way. As we previously reported Richards learned on Aug. 31 that she would not face jail time for her any of the charges against her stemming from an April 16 arrest. The “RHOBH” alum was taken into police custody after staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel called police to report that she was causing a scene inside the Polo Lounge. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities had to forcibly remove her from the grounds. While in police custody she is said to have kicked a police officer.

As a result, Richards was removed from the “RHOBH” cast. According to reports, Bravo and their parent company, NBC Universal, felt she was too much of a liability. She was given the option to attend rehab or forfeit her spot on the “RHOBH” cast. While Richards did eventually decide to seek treatment, her short stint in rehab was apparently not enough to appease Bravo executives. At present Richards has been in, and voluntarily checked out of, rehab three different times this year.