The Original iPhone Film Festival (OIFF), which set out to find the best films shot using an iPhone, and took all of 2011 to do so, has announced its winning selections across four categories.

The categories included Music Video, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Brand Film, with a winner and two runner-up places for each category. In addition, there was also an OIFF grand price that went to Nancy Lee, directed by Alen Petkovic.

Ever since Apple released the iPhone 4 with its 720p-enabled video camera, OIFF has grown from strength to strength and with October's release of the iPhone 4S it is only set to get even bigger, the Redmond Pie reported.

The latest iPhone 4S features a much improved camera, which should allow users to create stunning short films in 1080p. Moreover, captured shots can be added to array of popular video creation apps on the iOS platform, including Apple's own iMovie.

Below are the four best films, from the 12 videos under the above-mentioned four categories. All the videos can be watched on the official Original iPhone Film Festival Web site and we highly suggest you head on over!

Best Music Video

Nancy Lee - Music Video from The Original iPhone Film Fest on Vimeo.

Best Fiction Video

The Latter - Fiction from The Original iPhone Film Fest on Vimeo.

Best Non-Fiction Video

Kalapukan (Mudplace) Non-Fiction from The Original iPhone Film Fest on Vimeo.

Best Brand Film

Wish You Were Here - Brand Film from The Original iPhone Film Fest on Vimeo.