The long-simmering border clash between Thailand and Cambodia erupted again on Thursday with troops from both sides exchanging fire, resulting in the death of at least four soldiers.

BBC reported that more than 5,000 local people are to be evacuated from the clash-zone, an area around the Ta Krabey temple.

In February, at least 10 people had died when both sides fought over another - more famous - disputed place of worship, the 11th Century Preah Vihear temple. A ceasefire had been brokered following the deadly clashes but the present fighting shows nationalistic sentiments have got the better of fragile peace.

Lasting peace has evaded the two countries ever since an international court decided in 1962 to award the Preah Vihear temple to Cambodia. But Thailand and Cambodia have staked claim for the temple and the neighboring region and there have been regular fighting between the two sides over the issue.

The Ta Krabey temple, where fighting took place on Thursday, is some 200km away from the Preah Vihear temple.

The latest skirmish has been blamed on each other by Cambodia and Thailand. While Thailand insists that Cambodian troops fired on its troop while on routine patrol, Cambodia has said Thailand fired first.