A French journalist who was injured in the attack in Syria that killed two other Western journalists issued appeals for evacuation so that she could receive immediate medical attention, the BBC reported.

Edith Bouvier, who was badly wounded after the city of Homs came under bombardment by Syrian government forces on Wednesday, made a plea for help in a video which the opposition forces quickly uploaded to YouTube on Thursday.

The Le Figaro reporter, who has a broken femur, also asked for a temporary ceasefire so that she could be carried across the Lebanese border for treatment. Bouvier mentioned that she would die if she did not receive immediate surgery.

Photojournalist and colleague William Daniels, who escaped injuries following the attack, also appeared alongside Bouvier in the video. The two journalists explained in French that Bouvier has been receiving treatment in the medical facility they are currently held at but that the doctors cannot perform a surgical operation.

Among other journalists killed that day were American reporter Marie Colvin and French photographer Remi Ochlik. According to the news service, the Syrian army may have held information about the two journalists' locations.

Syria and other war-torn nations have seen an increasing number of experienced correspondents willing to risk their lives to tell tales of terror. According to a research conducted by the Committee to Protect Journalists, nearly nine out of every ten reporters are killed worldwide while on assignment.