One of the daughters of Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) has been questioned by investigators in France in connection with the alleged rape attempt on Tristane Banon.

Camille Strauss-Kahn is a friend of Ms. Banon, a French writer who claims DSK tried to sexually assault her in 2003 during an interview session.

According to Associated Press, Camille was questioned on Monday. Her mother, DSK's ex-wife, Brigitte Guillemette, was questioned on Friday. Guillemete is Banon's godmother.

Banon and her mother, Anne Mansouret -- a politician who happens to belong to Strauss-Kahn's centre-left Socialist Party -- were interviewed by police last week.

Banon made her claim public only after DSK was arrested in New York in May on suspicions he raped a hotel chambermaid.

DSK denied he did anything wrong with Banon and has filed a countersuit, suing Banon for making false statements.

Under the laws of France, conviction on attempted rape charges carried a 15 year prison sentence.
Meanwhile, DSK was released from house arrest in the U.S. in early June after the credibility of the woman who claimed he raped her fell apart.