Michele Callan and her fiancé Josue Chinchilla were not expecting to have to abandon their new home in Toms River, N.J., but that is exactly what happened. The couple and Callan's two children claim that there is a demonic presence in their new home.

Clothes and towels would be thrown all over the floor, doors would open and close and lights would switch on and off, reports the Asbury Park Press. The family revealed to the newspaper that they would hear footsteps in their kitchen at night and whispers that appeared to fade in and out of thin air.

Callan and Chinchilla abandoned their home at 1:15 am on March 10 stay at a local hotel. According to the couple, the last straw that drove them out of their home was when a dark apparition appeared in their bedroom and began tugging at their bed sheets. The family is currently living in a motel in Point Pleasant Beach because of the demonic presence.

Due to their horrifying experience in the home, Chinchilla and Callan filed a lawsuit against their landlord, Dr. Richard Lopez, an orthodontist whose office is adjacent to the house, reports the Asbury Park Press. The couple wants the orthodontist to return their $2,250 security deposit.

According to the Asbury Park Press, Dr. Lopez filed a counter suit for the couple breaking their one-year lease. Dr. Lopez believes that the couple can't afford their $1,500 a month rent, and is using paranormal activity to cover their financial problems.

A hearing is said to be held at the end of April.

Jim Ansbach, founder and senior advisor of the Shore Paranormal Research Society confirmed that the tenants of the building contacted the group, claiming they were experiencing paranormal activity. We approach from a scientific standpoint, said Ansbach. We go in to actually show the natural occurrences, why these things are occurring in a natural, scientific fashion.

In that particular home there are things we couldn't scientifically explain, said Ansbach of his team's findings.

The team didn't find evidence of intelligence in the house. Ansbach explained intelligence as receiving direct responses to direct questions, giving an example of hearing a knock or footsteps and asking out loud for it to do it again.

 While no intelligence was discovered in the Toms River home, Nick Carlson, investigator with the Shore Paranormal Research Society, told the Asbury Park Press that facts suggest a residual haunting from the past associated with a significant release of psychic energy.

According to Ansbach, residual hauntings are somewhat like video tapes that show the same sequence and the same things happening at the same intervals. He gave an example of seeing an object walk through a wall where there once was a door. What it did in its past life, said Ansbach, No matter what obstructions.

In Chinchilla and Callan's home, bowling pins rocking in the basement ended up showing some results to the Shore Paranormal Research Society. The group classified the occurrences in the home as paranormal because there was no haunting or apparition recorded.

The above video does not contain footage from the home in Toms River. This footage is from a private residence in Shark River Hills, NJ. For footage of the bowling pin video from the Toms River home click here.