In preparation for Jennifer Aniston’s guest-hosting gig on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week, the former sitcom star joined a couple of her "Friends" co-stars in an impromptu reunion Wednesday.

Aniston can be seen in the staged comedy clip going to the home of “Friends” star and previous "Ellen" co-host Matthew Perry, asking for advice on how to work the program. Hijinks in the viral-bound clip include Aniston mistakenly referring to Perry as her “Friends” flame David Schwimmer and making claims that she and Perry were actual roommates, confusing reality with fantasy.

“We used to walk into each other’s apartments all the time,” said Aniston. “Hmm, that was a TV show,” said Perry. “We haven’t actually seen each other in a really long time, like, eight years.”

The skit peaks when “Friends” alum Courtney Cox, whose character “Monica” had a long-term love affair with Perry’s “Chandler," shows up at the front door, appearing to have spent the night with her former on-screen flame. Ellen DeGeneres and her wife of nine years, “Arrested Development” actress Portia de Rossi, also make cameos.

At one point in the clip, Perry refers to Matt LeBlanc off-camera, but unfortunately for fans of the widely popular show, no other "Friends" stars make an appearance.

Following the video’s release, Aniston discussed the prospect of filming a legitimate “Friends” reunion on “Ellen” Wednesday, seemingly uncomfortable confirming or denying rumors that the cast would one day reunite on screen.

“Doing that little bit with Matty and Court, we all were very nostalgic and [we] missed working together,” she said. “It’s a great thing to get to go back to your family like that and also know that people will love it.”