Is NBC’s “Friends” reuniting for a new season? If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter at all Tuesday, you’ve probably seen reports from less than legitimate "news" sites claiming that the “Friends” actors are all getting back together for one final season. It sounds exciting, but it’s almost entirely false.

Below is the entire “breaking news” about the “Friends reunion” from Star Media:

“The rumor of a new season for Friends has been surrounding the web for months, but this time is more than a rumor! NBC network has confirmed they will launch a new season of Friends on 2014, it will be about their story in a comeback reunion!

“It's still unknown if the original actors will accept NBC's deal, but the dream of "Friends" reunion is closer than ever!

“This is way better than just a Thanksgiving special like it was rumored last year!

“Are you as excited as we are?”

The “announcement” is only 90 words, cites no sources or press releases, and is riddled with bad grammar. What kind of major news announcement uses the phrase “on 2014?”

Not only that, but would NBC really use the primarily Spanish-language site StarMedia to announce the revival of one of its most profitable franchises? It’s much more likely that in the event of an actual “Friends” reunion, NBC would write up an official press release for the reunion and send it to major news organizations. This “Friends” reunion rumor just reeks of Internet lies.

Sure, it sounds nice, but let’s face it: The “Friends” cast isn’t getting back together for a reunion, especially considering the fact that several of the actors have denied ever wanting to make a movie of revival episode out of fear of disappointing their fans.

“I don’t want to see old Joey. I don’t want to see Chandler and Monica with their kids that are [raising a hand a few feet off the ground] this big now. I’d rather imagine that. Everyone’s going to have different vision of what those characters are like, so to have that materialize is going to disappoint most people,“ Matt LeBla nc told EW less than a year ago.

So there we have it. There is no “Friends” reunion. The rumors are false, so stop spreading them.