Season 2 of Netflix’s “Fuller House” has finally revealed its Nelson. In a role originally played by actor Jason Marsden, D.J. Tanner’s ex-boyfriend will now be played by Hal Sparks.

Although Marsden played Nelson in the original “Full House,” the actor was unavailable for shooting and forced to give up his role. According to Entertainment Weekly, while Sparks has been confirmed as Nelson, details about his storyline have yet to be revealed. 

In August, Marsden revealed why he couldn’t appear in the upcoming season of the show and urged fans not to be mad at the show’s creators. “I just want to say, ‘Don’t f ‘Fuller House,’ watch ‘Fuller House.’ It’s a great show.’ The folks at Netflix, the producers, the casting directors, the writers of ‘Fuller House’ all tried their darndest to get me on the show.”

According to Marsden, he couldn’t appear on the show because of prior engagements. At the time of “Fuller House” filming in Los Angeles, Marsden was supposed to be in Atlanta for a convention.

“It was my choice not to appear on ‘Fuller House’ and it was a tough one, believe me. A couple months ago, I got an invitation to appear at Dragon Con in Atlanta,” he said. “I made the choice in a matter of convenience and the convenience was, I could drive to Atlanta from Tennessee.”

Although an ex-boyfriend will be returning to “Fuller House,” Candace Cameron Bure recently revealed that her character D.J. will choose a boyfriend between Steve (Scott Weinger) and Matt (John Brotherton). “There’s still a lot of relationship issues with Steve and Matt, but she does choose someone this season,” Bure  told Hollywood Life. “Half of the [fans] will be, I think it’s pretty split down the center as to who the fans like! They love both guys, but they’re different.”

Season 2 of “Fuller House” has finished filming but the premiere date for the second season has yet to be revealed.