Uncle Jesse is no longer single. How rude! 

The “Fuller House” star dropped the bombshell during an appearance on ABC’s "The View" on Friday.

“I just like my women,” Stamos, 52, said after being asked by co-host Joy Behar if he prefers his females submissive or dominant. Later in the interview, Stamos, who is currently on tour with the Beach Boys, dished about the lucky woman he’s attached to while discussing a recent concert.

“The other night I grabbed my phone … well first I grabbed my phone because this girl I’m dating…” Stamos started. “She loves the song ‘Disney Girl’ so I put her on FaceTime the other day.” Stamos said his fans caught wind he was chatting with someone during the show. “I thought I got away with it but people were tweeting like ‘Who were you FaceTiming?’”

Stamos has dated several celebrities during his three decade-long career, including Paula Abdul and Amy Poehler. He was married to model Rebecca Romijn for seven years before divorcing in 2005.

Watch John Stamos on "The View" below:

The actor and musician isn’t just busy with his love life. Netflix renewed “Fuller House” this week and being that Stamos serves as both a cast member and an executive producer, he’s going to be busy with Season 2. “This show means so much to people,” Stamos said of the Netflix sitcom on “The View.” “It's really been a beautiful thing to bring it back … It’s nice to have a show like this … wholesome good stuff.”

Stamos reprised his role as Uncle Jesse Katsopolis for “Fuller House,” a reboot of the hit ‘90s series “Full House.” Prior to Netflix announcing its plan to continue the show, which premiered on the streaming service Feb. 26, Stamos shared his ideas for potential sophomore installment. 

"Next season, if we get one, I want to develop the kids more on the show," Stamos told People. Stamos said he hopes the show's younger cast members, Jackson (Michael Campion), Max (Elias Harger) and Ramona (Soni Bringas), will "carry a little more story."

"Fuller House" Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.