"Fuller House" Season 2 Renewed
Kimmy (Andrea Barber, left), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin, center) and DJ (Candace Cameron Bure, right) will return for Season 2 of "Fuller House" on Netflix. Netflix

Were you crossing your fingers for another season of “Fuller House”? Well, you got it, dude!

On Wednesday morning it was revealed that Netflix has renewed “Fuller House” for a Season 2. And according to a trailer confirming the reboot renewal, the sophomore installment will be released by the streaming provider sooner than we thought! The official “Fuller House” Twitter account tweeted that Season 2 is "coming soon."

In the Season 2 trailer, fans can see Kimmy (Andrea Barber) setting up a camera to snap a picture of her family, which includes Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) and their children; Romona (Soni Bringas), Jackson (Michael Campion), Max (Elias Harger) and Tommy (Dashielle & Fox Messitt).

So, what will be the Season 2 storyline of "Fuller House"? Well, John Stamos, who portrays Uncle Jesse and acts as the show’s executive producer, dished to People magazine that it will expand the storylines of the “Fuller House” kids.

"Next season, if we get one, I want to develop the kids more on the show. Have them carry a little more story, a little more emotional stuff,” he teased.

While Stamos wants to focus of the future, “Fuller House” executive producer Jeff Franklin is crossing his fingers for a blast from the past.

“I’m hoping that if we do [get another season], maybe the Olsen twins will come and visit,” he told People magazine, adding that he was disappointed when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who portrayed Michelle Tanner on "Full House," didn’t appear in the freshman installment. “But the door is still open and everybody is still friends and I hope that someday they'll decide that it seems like fun to come back and visit us. I'm hoping that will happen. They were missed."

What are your hopes for Season 2 of “Fuller House”? Do you want to see the Olsen twins return as Michelle? Sound off in the comments section below! Season 1 of "Fuller House" is currently streaming on Netflix.