Each year, tourism boards around the world pour thousands of dollars into ad campaigns to sway would-be travelers into visiting their destinations. Some do it with shots of sweeping landscapes, others do it with sexy models, and even more come up with gimmicks like a crashing squirrel or an animatronic polar bear.

From Iceland to Australia, we've combed the web to find the wackiest tourism ad campaigns on the planet.


Apparently they like to dance a lot in Iceland - and dance like maniacs!

Pattaya, Thailand:

They're dancing in Pattaya as well. As soon as you enter town, things get a whole lot funkier!

Pattaya Country from The Works of Director : Baz Poon on Vimeo.


While everyone is dancing in Iceland and Thailand, it seems Australia is full of budding singers.

Banff, Canada:

You may find it hard to believe that this video about a crasher squirrel was actually a legitimate tourism campaign.

Leavenworth, WA:

This Gitcha Goomsba Up music video for the Bavarian-themed Washington town was an Internet sensation.

Philadelphia, PA:

Apparently, Philly is more fun when you sleep over ... that's why everyone's wearing pajamas in this classic video.

New Mexico, Earth:

New Mexico, Earth is the best place in the universe - that's why fish taco-eating aliens are taking over.

Las Vegas, NV:

Apparently our fruit gets mad when we leave it rotting while we're on vacation.

Canary Islands:

Polar bears head to the Canary Islands in the winter and you should too!

The Whitsundays, Australia:

If we are to believe this commercial, sexy girls are floating on giant numbers in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, just waiting for us to join them.

New Zealand:

More of an airline commercial than a tourism ad, the bare essentials campaign for Air New Zealand was world famous.

Travel Insurance:

This one isn't a tourism campaign either, but it may remind you why having insurance while you travel is important!