Indie developer 17-Bit announced that it’s acclaimed game “Galak-Z” will be making its way to Steam next week, on Oct. 29. Prior to the announcement, the game was exclusive to the PlayStation 4, so now it seems like the game has a bigger chance of connecting to a wider audience.

This can be considered good news, since the planned PS Vita version was scrapped for unknown reasons. Some fans thought that this would lead to other “Galak-Z” ports getting cancelled, but its arrival on Steam next week proves that isn’t the case.

To those unfamiliar with the game, “Galak-Z” is an open world shooter with elements from the roguelike genre. According to Siliconera, the game also features beautiful cel-shaded graphics and a number of challenging missions to plow through.

One look at the game’s trailer below and anyone can tell that “Galak-Z” is clearly inspired by certain anime from the late 80’s. Obvious inspirations include “Gundam” and “Robotech” among others and the cel-shaded style of the graphics really bring focus to the anime inspiration.

Eurogamer has described the game as “Spelunky,” if it was redesigned as a 2D shooter. That’s a high comparison when one considers that “Spelunky” is one of the highest rated “roguelike” games right now.

While the game’s main focus is on blasting bad guys, there are also a number of stealth elements, which might surprise shooter fans. It’s an interesting way to add an extra layer of challenge and variety to the shooter.

Other notable features of the game include the ability to customize the ship. Players can add lasers and missiles to their arsenal, which will help take down the legions of baddies coming for the character.

The ship can also turn into a mech, which brings up even more similarities to the “Robotech” series. In this form, the ship can perform a special throw that allows the player to easily dismantle a foe or use a piece of the scenery to solve puzzles or kill more enemies.

“Galak-Z” is officially coming to Steam next week, so fans of anime and old-school shooters should consider trying it out. The game is also available on the PlayStation 4.

GALAK Z Steam Announce Trailer (Credit: YouTube/17BITGAMES)