SAN FRANCISCO -- The video game streaming platform Twitch announced a number of new features during the first day of TwitchCon on Friday, including an app coming for PlayStation.

The PS4 app will allow users to find broadcasts, with full chat support including emoticons. It will be available in October; the app for PS3, PSVita and PlayStation TV will come later in the fall.

A separate "whispers" chat box is being integrated into the website starting in October. To ensure that users don't miss private messages, the whispers chat box shows up on all pages of the site, and on the mobile app.

Video uploads also are coming to Twitch in early 2016, allowing broadcasters to film video and upload it without having to stream live first.

More details will be coming to the Twitch blog soon.

Friday's announcements follow the popular site switching to a full HTML 5 player over the next few months, and the offline drag-and-drop playlist option that was announced earlier this week.

Currently, Twitch is fully available on iOS, Android, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

During the keynote it was also shown that Twitch streamers and viewers use the Kappa emote 665 times per minute, and that there are some 15,000 channels live at any one time with about 550,000 concurrent people on the site at any one time.

This is the inaugural year of the Twitch Convention, which is being held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco Friday and Saturday.