Galaxy Nexus from Verizon, does not have an announced price yet, but it will likely be in the $200 to $400 range. Droid Bionic is $200 on contract now, but the price could go down when the Nexus is released because it would hard to justify paying almost as much for the Bionic as for the next generation Nexus.
Droid Bionic is nearly six months old, and in tech years, that's nearly middle aged. Galaxy Nexus, when it is finally released may even be ahead of its time. No easy feat in the ultra competitive smartphone world. The Nexus has a larger screen than Bionic, a faster processor and slightly curved form for increased comfort. The Bionic is still a high quality device, it just doesn't compare to the Nexus. Even compared to the Droid Razr, Bionic doesn't quite match up. But it's closer than how it matches up to the Nexus.
Besides the Nexus' hardware, it will be debuting the Android 4.0 update that is also sometimes called Ice Cream Sandwich. Bionic will get the update eventually, but it won't be until 2012. Android 4.0 features a new style of homescreen with improved organization abilities and a new security function called Face Unlock. Furthermore, there are many new photo editing tools and a futuristic feature called the Android Beam. It's a data swapping feature that can transfer files between two near field communication enabled devices. With all of that packed into the new Galaxy Nexus, it could debut at the ultra high price of $400. If that's the case, the Bionic price might stay at $200. But if the Nexus drops at $200 or $300, the Bionic price should go down because that would mean Verizon would have more devices priced at $200 or more than the other carriers. Rumors have it that Nexus may debut Dec. 8, but it that's not the case, it will likely only be another week after that to wait.
Tell us in the comments if you are super excited about the Nexus or if you couldn't wait another week and bought something else. 

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