Anyone that’s been watching “Game of Thrones” Season 6 is aware what an important role the character Jon Snow (Kit Harington) has in the story this year. While the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is finally getting the respect he deserves, one small dig is still giving the actor some grief.

Following his climactic action sequence during last Sunday’s episode, everyone is chomping at the bit hoping for a little more information about what’s ahead for everyone’s favorite bastard turned leader ahead of the final two episodes. While speaking at an AOL Build event to promote his upcoming WWI period drama, “Testament of Youth,” the actor was asked about the popular catchphrase from the show: “You know nothing Jon Snow.”

“I don’t know, I’ve always got very confused by that line,” the 28-year-old actor said with a laugh. “It pissed me off as much as it pissed him off. It’s not even a great line. That’s just like, a rubbish comeback. What does that mean exactly? ‘You know nothing.’ Of course I know something, what are you talking about? That always stuck with me.”

Harington appears to be taking the line quite personally, which isn’t surprising since he’s clearly become synonymous with the character over the last five seasons on the HBO show. Not only has the character risen him to new levels of fame, but it’s also given him a chance to expand his role as an actor. While he’s very tongue-in-cheek about “knowing nothing,” he’s taking the character’s evolution from fan-favorite youngster to responsible grown man.

“On the surface, Jon Snow is quite noble but he’s got a bad side,” Harington said. “If you really look at it, he’s a killer. He loves being ruthless on the battlefield. And he’s kind of like a menstruating teenager at times. That’s why I enjoyed playing him for the first three seasons because he’s really a struggling kid that doesn’t know what he’s capable of and we’re only just now discovering the man.”

Unfortunately, the actor remained tight-lipped about the final two episodes of Season 5, refusing to spoil any details to the crowd. However, he did say that the threads that the show has been tugging at all season will finally come to a head.

“I’ve really enjoyed watching this season. I think it’s been a really testing and challenging season and those building blocks that we’ve placed are really going to come to fruition in these last three,” he said. “Episode 8 was very big, episode 9 is big and episode 10 is big. They’re big episodes and I can’t wait. These are the three that I’ve been really looking forward to seeing. There’s some huge shocks, some huge set pieces. It’s going to be pretty epic.”

You can see Harington as Jon Snow in the upcoming final two episodes of “Game of Thrones" Season 5 on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO. You can also see him in the film "Testamanet of Youth," which you can check out the trailer for below.