Technology research firm Gartner said it expects the global market for the 'transformational' cloud computing technology to be worth over $30 billion in the next four years.

“It (cloud computing) is an extremely attractive technology for entities. The worldwide market for this technology is expected to be over $ 30 billion by 2014,” said Milind Govekar, vice-president of Gartner Research.

Cloud computing refers to the technology whereby entities can share resources and software on-demand through the Internet.

He said service delivery using this technology will be crucial while noting that developing markets such as India have an edge in adapting to cloud computing.

Companies need to embrace many changes with cloud computing and services would go through huge transformations with this technology, he said.

Cloud computing will be more environment friendly and efficient than many traditional technologies, Govekar said.

However, he had a word of caution for enterprises using cloud computing. He said in a report enterprises must curb their old habits of over provisioning infrastructure. “(This) would result in diminished resource efficiency and environmental benefits, particularly for private cloud environments,” he said.