Israeli and Palestinian officials have agreed to extend the latest cease-fire for 24 hours more, but no long-term deal had been reached as of Monday evening although the two sides were still meeting in Cairo. The cease-fire announcement came after various media outlets reported a longer term deal had been reached that included the opening of border crossings. Israeli officials denied any deal had been made.

“It’s still not clear if we can reach an agreement,” a senior Israeli official told Haaretz. “If the (rocket) fire resumes, Israel will respond forcefully, and if the fire does not resume but no agreement is reached, we will examine whether we can come to some other arrangement and provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza.”

Israel's Channel 10 said an agreement would include the reopening of Gaza border crossings and expand the fishing zone off the coast. The Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported cease-fire documents were being drawn up and Israeli officials had left Cairo to discuss them with the cabinet.

The Gaza Ministry of Health said Monday the death toll in Gaza had reached 2,016. The Israeli army says 64 of its soldiers were killed.