“General Hospital” spent plenty of time advertising Luke Spencer’s departure, but some fans still weren’t ready. After watching actor Anthony Geary perform his last scenes on the ABC soap opera, some viewers even felt that Luke’s exit was lackluster.

After reuniting with Laura (Genie Francis) and tracking down Lucky (Jonathan Jackson), Luke has had an eventful last month. However, Monday’s episode just featured Luke saying goodbye to a few characters. He gave Sonny (Maurice Benard) the gun he used to kill Frank (Joe Cortese) – who he promised was actually dead this time – and told Sonny that he was headed out of town.

“I’m walking away from that life. I’ve got to find something different while there’s still time,” Luke said. Sonny promised to watch over Luke’s family in Port Charles.

His daughter Lulu (Emme Rylan) went to the docks after her mother revealed her father was leaving Port Charles. Laura (Genie Francis) interrupted Lulu’s moment with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) to make sure that she knew her father was leaving, but Lulu was confused when her mother didn’t want to go with her. “Your dad and I said goodbye a long time ago,” Laura explained. “Tonight is about the two of you.”

Luke had a sweet farewell with his daughter where he told her that he didn’t need to rescue her anymore. She was smart and strong enough to do it by herself. He gave her a letter to pass along to Laura addressed to “Angel.” With that, Luke walked off into the foggy night.

“Goodbye, Port Charles,” he said. “Good luck to you.”

It was a simple ending after 37 years of dramatic twist and turns, but that didn’t impress many fans. “General Hospital” viewers were upset that Luke and Laura didn’t have an actual goodbye scene. Geary, 68, probably wasn't as upset by the loss. He has been clear about the fact that he didn’t love the romantic storyline that fans adored so much.

“For me, Luke and Laura became as much of a burden as an advantage,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “Whenever I go on a talk show, they run that clip. It's like having your high school picture dragged out every time you meet someone.”

Still, fans were disappointed at the lack of Luke and Laura scenes. They took to Twitter to make their feelings clear.

Those Luke and Laura fans might get more closure when Laura reads the letter that Lulu passed along. After all, there has to be something sweet in there, right?

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