One Georgia couple has proved there is one medium big enough to tackle the likes of Bank of America: the Internet.

After being strung along for months as Bank of America repeatedly delayed closing on a home loan mortgage that was approved in late September, Ken and Meredith Williams produced a comical music video highlighting their struggle with the bank. The couple used their nearly perfect credit score to obtain a $203,000 mortgage -- a home Ken Williams describes as "cheap and in the hood" in his ode to the bank -- that was originally set to close on Oct. 31.

"As of 12/13/11, we have been attempting to buy this home for 76 days," read the couple's blog,, writing that their phone messages and email's went unanswered for months.

After the home's seller began charging the Williams' a $50 a day per Diem for the delay, the couple had enough. In a YouTube video starring Ken that went viral -- Meredith appears as a backup dancer -- he makes a theatrical appeal where he publicly laments the fact that Bank of America refused to give them answers about the delay, highlighted by a chorus warning, "Don't let anybody tell you you're too big to fail, cause you belong in jail."

Meredith Williams took to social media, posting the video on Twitter and WordPress and tweeting the link to Bank of America's customer service team @BofA_help, AOL Real Estate reports.

That finally got the bank's attention. On Dec. 16, the Williams' closed their loan on what was their fourth scheduled closing date. Bank of America even agreed to cover the cost of the per Diem charges that inspired the Williams' video.

"The Williams' loan closed December 16. We apologize for the delay in closing, and for the inconvenience, we provided a credit at closing," Bank of America said in a statement.