The Georgia execution of Andrew DeYoung, 37, that was to take place Wednesday night at 7p.m. was delayed 24 hours. On Thursday, Georgia's attorney general moved to halt the videotaping of DeYoung's execution. The execution was to be the first videotaped execution since 1992.

The Georgia Supreme Court had voted to allow the procedure to be recorded, but after the execution was delayed on Wednesday, Attorney General Sam Olens would not state the reason for the abrupt postponement.  

The decision to videotape the execution was granted after death row inmate Gregory Walker's lawyers made an appeal stating that the effects of the lethal injection procedure don't fully sedate inmates, causing pain and suffering.

Walker's primary concern was of the sedative pentrobarbital, the first drug in the series of three given to the inmates. In the past, sodium thiopental was used, but after the manufacturer stopped making the drug, certain states, including Georgia, replaced the drug with pentrobarbital.

The petitioner seeks such access in order to preserve potential evidence regarding whether the respondent and the Department of Corrections are taking appropriate steps to prevent needless suffering through the course of execution, said the order, signed by Superior Court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane on Monday via, ABCNews.

DeYoung is currently on death row for the slaying of his family in 1993 when he was 19-years-old. DeYoung repeatedly stabbed his mother, Kathy DeYoung, 41, while she was asleep, and then continued to stabbed his father Gary, 41, and his sister Sarah, 14. It was reported that Cobb stabbed his family members more than 40 times, and slit their throats.

DeYoung's brother, Nathan, 16-years-old at the time of the incident, stated that he escaped from the home after hearing his sister's screams. He had tried to use the phone before crawling out of his bedroom window, but had found the line had been cut.

Prosecutors said that DeYoung's motive was to collect life insurance and family assets in order to start his own business.