A German Muslim convert duo was arrested on entry into Britain with a stash of terror manuals on bomb-making.  

The two German Muslims admitted on Feb. 2 that they entered the country with terror manuals that also contained instructions on how to make homemade bombs. They also pleaded guilty to possessing documents that could be of use to terrorists, reported the Daily Mail.

On July 15 last year, Christian Emde, 28, and Robert Baum, 23, were stopped by authorities from the South East Counter Terrorism Unit at Dover, Kent.

The men, who arrived on a ferry, were already on a terrorist watchlist and were found with portable hard drives that contained manuals with titles: Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom, Destroying buildings and 39 ways to serve and participate in Jihad.

Another document that was recovered from the duo was titled The Ultimate Mowing Machine. The document had instructions on how blades could be fixed to a truck to mow down pedestrians. Along with the documents, copies of Al Qaeda magazine Inspire were also found.

Adjourning proceedings at the Old Bailey, Judge Peter Rook QC told the two men: These are serious offences and custodial sentences will follow. In the meantime, you are remanded in custody, reported the Daily Mail.

Christian Emde's barrister Timothy Green said that the documents possessed by the pair were available on the Internet and could be downloaded, and hence not believed to be illegal in Germany.

Emde belongs to the town of Solingen, east of Dusseldorf, in Germany and admitted to four counts of possessing information which could be used when preparing for an act of terrorism.

Baum, who also belongs to the same town, admitted to a single count of the same charge.