UPDATE: Feb. 11, 9:08 a.m. EST – Jared Padalecki is confirmed to play Rory’s first love, Dean Forester, TVLine reports.

UPDATE: Feb. 11, 8:53 a.m. EST – Milo Ventimiglia confirmed on Twitter that he’ll reprise the role of bad boy Jess Mariano. Meanwhile, Sutton Foster has been cast as the first new character in the “Gilmore Girls” revival, TVLine reports.

Original Story: The “Gilmore Girls” are back in Stars Hollow, and they’ve brought their friends with them. While the Gilmore women themselves are important to the dramedy, which ended in 2007, a huge part of what made the show entertaining was the never-ending supporting cast of quirky characters. Check out who can be expected in Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls” revival:

The Gilmore Girls – Of course, the Gilmores are back! Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop will once again play Rory, Lorelai and Emily, respectively.

Luke – Scott Patterson’s return as Lorelai’s love interest Luke is confirmed by Netflix. He already has his flannel shirt on, and the actor told International Business Times that he loves the new material. "Yeah, I gotta tell you … just based on the first script, you’re going to be very pleased," Patterson said. "It’s as funny as it’s ever been and it’s as powerful and moving as its ever been. I mean these guys did amazing things with the one-hour format but the hour and a half format — it might exceed that. It’s stunning what we’re reading."

Best Friends – Liza Weil and Keiko Agena will play Rory’s besties, Paris and Lane. Weil confirmed her return at TVFest in Atlanta on Saturday, while Netflix confirmed Agena’s return in January. 

The Inn – Yanic Tuesdale is back at the front desk as Michel, but Melissa McCarthy’s Sookie isn’t in the kitchen. McCarthy recently said she wasn’t invited to Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls” revival. As previously reported, showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino explained that she couldn’t work around McCarthy’s busy schedule, but added that she’d love to write her into a scene if the “Ghostbusters” actress was available for a day.

The Townspeople – Bishop revealed to TVLine that Rose Abdoo’s character Gypsy is in the scripts, and Netflix confirmed that Sean Gunn will return as Kirk. Set pictures of Miss Patty’s dance studio make it seem like Liz Torres is probably playing the dance teacher once again, but that isn’t official yet.

Rory’s Exes – Matt Czuchry is confirmed to play Rory’s final ex, Logan, according to TVLine. Milo Ventimiglia said he had been in talks to reprise the role of Jess, but nothing has been set in stone. The status of “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki is also unknown, but Sherman-Palladino has stated that she wants all three to return, if possible.

The four-episode “Gilmore Girls” revival is set to hit Netflix in 2016.