Get ready to sip on the best brew Stars Hollow has to offer because Luke’s Diner is officially open for business!

On Friday, Netflix announced the exciting news that “Gilmore Girls” would be returning to the small screen for an anticipated — and highly speculated — reboot. The forthcoming series will feature several of your beloved Stars Hollow residents, including Lorelai (Lauren Graham), Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Luke (Scott Patterson). That means audiences should prepare themselves for more caffeinated moments and quick-tongued comments — or at least, that's what Patterson told us.

The day Netflix confirmed the reboot, International Business Times caught up with Patterson to discuss the renewal, his viral podcast comment, as well as what went down when the cast and crew of “Gilmore Girls” reunited for the reboot’s first table read.

Check out our exclusive interview below:

International Business Times: It’s official. “Gilmore Girls” is returning! How does it feel to finally get this off your chest because I know you’ve been holding onto this secret for quite some time.

Scott Patterson: I know there’s been a lot of speculation over the years since the series ended. I’m just really happy for the fans that they get what they so richly deserve because the ending wasn’t perhaps as satisfying for them, or for anybody really, as it could have been. And maybe now we have a chance to put a cherry on top of the cake so to speak. So I’m mostly excited for the fans because they have been beyond patient and just incredibly supportive of all this. I’m thrilled for them.

IBT: We’ll I’m glad we’re able to continue this story nine years following the series finale.

Patterson: I think for the fans there is some obvious ground that needs to be covered and they’re hoping that ground is covered in these four movies. I can’t really say anything. I’m not at liberty to reveal any of the story lines but we just had a table read over at Warner Brothers and it was like — I have to describe it as the Super Bowl of table reads because all of the Warner Brothers top executives were there, the Netflix top execs were there — it was just this really amazing vibe in that room. Everybody was really excited. You get that many people in one room who are aiming for the same goal, it’s a pretty exciting feeling.

IBT: I know the “Gilmore Cast” reunited this summer during the 2015 ATX TV Festival but what was it like coming together for a table read? Did it feel like you picked up right where you left off?

Patterson: Yeah! I ran into our dialogue coach in the parking lot before walking into Warner Brothers and the last time I saw him was a year ago. It felt really great to see him and all those memories came flooding back of all the great times we had on set.

I’ve run into all of these people over the years since the show’s been canceled — you know … events, parties, what have you. It felt like no time had gone by other than the fact Lauren and I now wear reading glasses. -Laughs- And it was terrific to see her. And it was great to be in there room and reading the script with her again and that old rhythm is still there. It was just a tremendous amount of fun. There were a lot of laughs in this first script. Its just really deep, and moving, and funny — all the things that you would expect from [creators] Amy [Sherman Palladino] and Dan [Palladino].

IBT: So, the script is just as quick-tongued?

Patterson: Oh, yeah. I mean, it’s quicker actually. It’s a longer script — an hour and a half movie we’re shooting so there’s more to it so the scenes are longer. It’s going to be a lot of fun to do this. It really will. In this first script Amy gave us some really fun stuff and it’s very, very clever — very funny stuff

IBT: “Gilmore Girls” is notorious for its use of pop culture references and I was wondering if the storyline would take place in current time so that Amy could take what’s going on in the world and apply it to the new script.

Patterson: Yeah and there’s not shortage of that in these four scripts. Believe me. It’s ripe with pop culture references and references go back a 1,000 years, 10,000 years, 100,000 years, millennium! So the fans will not be disappointed.

IBT: In addition to pop culture references, does the script include several scenes involving caffeine? We know how much our Gilmore girls love their coffee!

Patterson: -Laughs- I can’t really tell you that but let’s just say that in terms of Luke’s Diner — not a lot has changed.

IBT: That’s amazing! You were the first one to speak about a potential revival and I was curious if Amy gave you a hard time for spilling that secret.

Patterson: Here’s the thing … I did a podcast and I was jut responding to a question that I always get and since the show has ended I always get these questions about a reboot. I always heard something, I heard there was something afoot, there’s always some rumor going around. And then I went and shot off my big mouth during a podcast. It was just sort of an innocent statement that I made. But everything grew from [the podcast] — it went viral! It caught us all by surprise over here. That just goes to show how rapidly the fans want a reboot.

IBT: I was wondering if that comment had anything to do with Netflix and Warner Brothers pushing the reboot.

Patterson: I was actually kind of sick of hearing about rumors. And I was like, “It’s time. Let’s go!” So I think I tried to move the ball forward a little bit.

IBT: It sounds to me like you spearheaded the “Gilmore Girls” reboot. You are the champion of your fans!

Patterson: You know, they were the champions of the show. So I tried to start a little fire and it ignited into this whole thing.

IBT: When we did chat over the summer, you said that you wanted to see Luke and Lorelai get married in the reboot. Is that still on your wish list?

Patterson: I hope so. I hope for the fans. It’s what they want. Whatever I think is best for the show and best for the fans, I hope that occurs. Listen, Amy wants to do this right and she’s been back and forth for years trying to get this thing off the ground and its finally happening and I think she’ll do the fans right. Of course I want that to happen. That’s the love letter we want to give to the fans because that’s one of the prominent themes throughout the show — this romance. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

IBT: That’s what I’m hoping for as well because that gives “Gilmore Girls” an opportunity to bring everyone back from Rory’s love interests to Luke’s daughter (Vanessa Marano).

Patterson: Right, right.

IBT: I’m crossing my fingers for that.

Patterson: Me, too!

IBT: When do you begin filming for the reboot?

Patterson: Next Tuesday.

IBT: Have you dusted off the old baseball cap?

Patterson: Well, I was at a wardrobe fitting on Thursday and yeah they dusted off that old hat. And when I put it on it was like that scene out of King Arthur — not that I’m putting myself on that level — but the crown came back on the head and I felt like that character instantly. It was kind of amazing.

The wardrobe department is all back, too. So that’s nice to see because you work very closely with those people everyday so it’s good to see the old gang back together.

IBT: That’s great to hear that not only is the cast returning to Stars Hollow but so are the people who worked behind the scenes.

Patterson: Amy is very loyal. I just hope I can do my part in helping Amy and these ladies get the recognition that they deserve because while the show was on the air I don’t think it gotten taken as seriously as it should have. It was always a quality show, the performances were always in the upper tier. And I just want to do my part to help these ladies get on that stage and get some iron, you know what I mean?

IBT: Totally. So you’re filming next week — have you seen the set already?

Patterson: I haven’t been to the set. I haven’t seen any of the stages. I was just in and out real quick for the wardrobe fitting and got my trailer organized a little bit. So from Tuesday until June 30 it’s going to be lock down and just shooting, shooting, shooting. Lot of fun, lot of long hours. But it’ll be great.

IBT: I saw that Miss Patty’s studio has gotten a fresh coat of paint. So I can’t wait to see what the rest of Stars Hollow looks like!

Patterson: Yeah, I gotta tell you … just based on the first script, you’re going to be very pleased. It’s as funny as it’s ever been and it’s as powerful and moving as its ever been. I mean these guys did amazing things with the one-hour format but the hour and a half format — it might exceed that. It’s stunning what we’re reading.

IBT: Do you find it more difficult to perform with an hour and a half-long script?

Patterson: It’s a lot of material to get through. The length of this first script is probably two, two and a half hours that we have to cram into one and a half hours. So it’s a lot of work. Lot of stuff going on — lot of storyline. But the pace will be the same. It’s going to be shot gun, rapid fire. So expect that.

IBT: Sounds like it’ll be the same ol’ “Gilmore Girls” we grew up with. Will the Netflix reboot also include the show’s iconic, Carole King theme song?

Patterson: I would imagine! I don’t have any information but I don’t know why it wouldn’t. I hope so because that’s really the signature song — that’s the song that grabs people by the heart.

It sure is! Where they go we will certainly follow, which means we'll be tuning into Netflix when the streaming provider airs the four-part "Gilmore Girls" reboot.