During a tele-town hall hosted by Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition, GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich said he would consider former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as a vice presidential running mate if he won the Republican primaries, as well as considering her for a cabinet position.

'A Great Admirer'

During the Iowa meeting, a caller asked Newt Gingrich what he thought about Palin, and whether or not he would consider her as his running mate against President Obama.

She is certainly one of the people you would look at, Gingrich said. She would certainly be on the list of one of the people we would consider.

The primary candidate praised Sarah Palin's work as the governor of Alaska, saying he is a great admirer of hers and that he could see them making big changes in Washington, D.C.

She was a remarkable reform governor of Alaska, [and] she's somebody who I think brings a great deal of possibility of helping in government, Newt Gingrich said. And that [beign Vice President] would be one of those possibilities.

'I can't imagine anybody who would do a better job.'

In case anyone thought the former House Speaker was simply answering tactfully, however, Gingrich went on to say that even if Palin wasn't chosen as Vice President, he would still put her in his Cabinet.

There are also some very important Cabinet positions that she could fill very, very well, the Republican presidential hopeful remarked. I can't imagine anyboy who would do a better job of driving us to than energy solution than Gov. Palin, for example. Tell her she would certainly be on the list.

Sarah Palin served as John McCain's vice presidential running mate in 2008, and political analysts credit the GOP's loss in part to her spectacular debate flubs in the race against Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

In the past year, however, Sarah Palin's connection to the Tea Party has caused her to re-emerge. Though Palin ruled out running for the presidential nomination back in October, backers of the former Alaskan governor have just released an ad in Iowa urging voters to Vote Rogue for the candidate.