The premiere date for “Girl Meets World” has finally been released! And while we’d love to run around reciting our favorite lines from the original series, which ended 14 years ago (yes, 14 years -- we’re old), we’ve opted to keep calm instead and prepare ourselves for the Disney channel spinoff’s June 27 return.

C’mon, we’re not the only ones digging through our T-shirt draws looking for the tattered “Boy Meets World” apparel we sported all throughout middle school, right? But let’s take a break from reminiscing and get ready for the most anticipated reunion in TV history. Sorry, “Entourage” fans, but Cory and Topanga take the cake.

Out of all the amazing things Michael Jacobs, the executive producer of the sitcom, has in store for us, there’s seven things fans need to know before the first episode of “Girls Meet World” airs.

1. A four-hour “Boy Meets World” marathon will run on Sunday, June 15, hosted by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel to rev fans up for the “Girl Meets World” debut.

2. The first episode will air on Friday, June 27, at 9:45 p.m. EDT. So, cancel your weekend plans because “GMW” will definitely take a priority. We think you friends will understand! The series will then move to its permanent time slot of Fridays at 8 p.m. EDT starting July 11.

3. The pilot episode is called “Girls Meet Boy.” So, does that mean we can expect Riley Matthews (played by Rowan Blanchard) to get her flirt on in the first episode? It seems unlikely. Especially since Ben Savage will be playing both the role of her father and teacher. Looks like Mr. Matthews is filling the large shoes of Mr. Fe-He-He-Heeney, which means poor Riley won’t get the chance to push her crush up against a locker and lay one on him (*cough* Topanga *cough*).

Girl Meets World season 1 spoilers Lee Norris will be reprising his role as Minkus on "Girl Meets World." Photo: Girl Meets World

4. The first season will feature a blast from “BMW” past as William Daniels (Mr. Feeney), Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), William Russ/Betsy Randle (Cory’s parents), Lee Norris (the class nerd Minkus), and Danny McNulty (bully Harley Keiner) will make an appearance.

5. The spinoff series will also feature characters who resemble those from "Boy Meets World"

Take the new character Farkle played by Corey Fogelmanis for example. The precocious child will show a similar personality to that off Minkus--who is said to be his dad.

“Can I over step my bounds, sir?” the bookworm asks in the trailer.

“You always do,” Cory replies.

Like father like son!

Tristan Friar will be portraying the 2014 role of Topanga--Riley's love interest. The character is played by the adorable Peyton Meyer. Sabrina Caprnter, who plays Maya Fox, will take on the former role of Shawn as she acts as Riley's sidekick throughout the series. Little August Maturo, who will be taking on the character of Auggie Matthews, will be the spinoff version of Morgan. 

Over all, we’re excited to see “Girl Meets World.” We hope Jacobs brings the light hearted humor and real-life problems just as the original series did. And from the looks of the “GMW  trailer, he did exactly that:

Are you excited for the series premiere of “Girl Meets World”?