A daughter could not stop crying while giving an account of her mother's death, at the Maidstone Coroner's Court.

I had only driven once before with my mum. I tried reversing and stalled at first and my mum laughed and told me to drive faster. Then I saw my mum fall to the floor and I panicked and the car went back and I don't know what happened, said Lauren Duke, 17, while crying uncontrollably and explaining the July 18, 2011 incident.

Lauren's mother, Sue Duke, 41, was standing behind an open door of the Ford Ka, giving Lauren her second driving lesson when she fell to the floor, the Daily Mail reported. The accident took place at Cuxton Social Club in Cuxton, near Rochester, Kent, where Duke worked as a steward.

Duke's two other children, Brogan, 21, and Callum, 10, suffered severe head injuries in the accident. Their mother was immediately taken to the Royal London Hospital by air ambulance. Tragically, two days later she succumbed to her injuries and pneumonia.

'I saw them talking next to the car and the next thing I heard was a big screech. I looked up and saw the car had reversed into a Land Rover and came to a stop. After the screech I could hear someone saying 'no, no' and we tried to calm the girl down and say it was fine, and the girl got out of the car and said 'no, it's my mum,' said Karen Wyatt, who witnessed the accident.

A verdict of accidental death was recorded by Coroner Campbell-Tiech.