Gisele Bündchen, the idiotic bimbo wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, has sparked outrage among some fans over her criticism of the team’s wide receivers following the Patriot’s dispiriting loss to the New York Giants in last Sunday’s Super Bowl.

It is unlikely that the Pats receivers will take her harangues too seriously, but surely such an outburst from an unqualified and biased external source cannot do much good for the club’s locker-room chemistry.

Bundchen’s childish attacks on Brady’s teammates should be the least of the public’s concerns. Rather, there should be more outrage over how she has made her money.

According to Forbes Magazine, Bundchen could well be on her way to becoming the world’s first billion-dollar “supermodel.” She is believed to have already earned some $250-million (dwarfing her husband’s income, by the way) through some lucrative contracts with Victoria’s Secret, C&A Brazil, among many others.

Bundchen, who is Brazilian by birth and of German descent, is widely admired for her classic, blonde-haired, blue-eyed looks.

However, like most everything else about her, she is a complete fake, especially her looks.

Bundchen is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery, notably breast augmentation and a nose job.

This is hardly unusual among celebrities these days, however Bundchen (as a model) originally attracted attention with her looks – indeed, her physical appearance forms the basis of her career and success. It is not as if she is an aging woman seeking to regain some of her youthful beauty.

Bundchen is only 31 years old.

On the contrary, Bundchen’s looks are not as Mother Nature intended. She was essentially created in a laboratory like Frankenstein’s monster.

If one looks at photos of a younger Bundchen, one will clearly see a flat-chested girl with a broad and unappealing nose (so much for her delicate ‘natural’ Nordic beauty).

Breast-enhancement surgery and rhinoplasty (and God knows what else) have translated into a huge fortune for her.

Of course, Bundchen has repeatedly denied ever undergoing the knife to improve her looks.

She once told reporters: “No way [will I have plastic surgery]. Actually, I asked my mother the very same question and she said, ‘It’s taken me 58 years for me to look like this. You think I’m going to ruin it now’ She [mom] looks great, so I hope I will look the same.”

I believe she is lying (just like ballplayers who took steroids to ‘enhance’ their on-field performance have been lying for years).

Perhaps the bigger question is why we so richly reward people who have no real skills, no real talent, no redeeming qualities and provide little or no value to society?

Beauty should be admired and appreciated. But Bundchen doesn’t even have that.

Reportedly, her eyes are indeed blue and she doesn’t wear blue contact lenses… I think.