Tired of wearing those silly 3D glasses? Toshiba is launching a glasses-free 3D TV in the UK on Monday, Mar. 12. According to the BBC, while this 55 inch TV isn't the first spec-free 3D TV to grace the world, it will be the world's first of its kind in a large-screen size.

So what's the price of this latest advanced technology? If you want to experience glasses-free 3D, you'll need a whopping £7,000 or about $11,000. For what the product boasts though, the £7,000 will be well worth your viewing pleasure.

The Toshiba ZL2 is capable of so-called 4K resolution, said the Daily Mail, which is four times the resolution of current hi-def screens. Besides the 4K resolution, the TV uses 'face tracking' to adjust the picture to each person watching the screen. The BBC states that the screen directs different images to your left and right eyes which cause the illusion of 3D.

How does the Toshiba ZL2 manage to do this? According to the Daily Mail, the TV has high-powered computers in the back of the TV that aim separate beams of parallax 3D at each viewer. Be sure to cap your viewing parties at nine though. The screen is only able to provide up to nine different viewing positions.

The only problem with this seemingly fantastic new product is that no video players are capable of playing 4K resolution and no discs currently even contain that resolution. With that said, the Daily Mail states that Sony and some other companies have begun to shoot in the next generation of high-def resolution shows and movies.In the meanwhile, the Toshiba TV will reportedly be able to upscale 2D content to 3D. Although the results of such artificially created 3D effects may be less than totally satisfying, at least it will give the set's owners something to watch.

While the price seems steep, you better get in line now. The TV is exclusively available at the John Lewis store on Oxford Street in London. If you miss out on grabbing the set there, Harrods will be taking pre-orders a week later.

Toshiba competitors are hot on their technological tail. According to the BBC, Sony is set to display two impressive prototypes of glasses-free 3D in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.