Conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck says Donald Trump is antithetical to Christian beliefs, suggesting a vote for the Republican presidential front-runner would go against Christians’ moral values.

“No Christian, no real Christian — I don’t mean a judgmental Christian, I mean somebody who is living their faith — no real Christian says, ‘I want that guy, that guy is the guy is for me,’ ” he said Thursday during a live broadcast of his radio show. “Nobody, nobody.”

Beck’s comments came in response to a Breitbart News article in which Trump supporter, the Rev. Robert Jeffress of Dallas criticized the radio host for previously making similar remarks about Christians supporting Trump. During “The Glenn Beck Program,” Beck said he would not stop preaching his message that Christians need to dump Trump, adding he would stand up to any faith group he felt was straying from its principles.

“I’ll take on the Jews, and I’ll take on the Lutherans, and I’ll take on the Catholics, and I’ll take on the Mormons,” he said. “I’ll take them all on. You’re damn right. Where are you? You’re not living your principles.”

But the problem goes beyond Trump, Beck said. He told his audience that America is headed down a wrong path and encouraged followers to “get to their church” and “wake your pastors up like there’s no tomorrow.”

Beck continued: “We are a Christian nation — Are we really? Then why are we in so much trouble? Why do we have the same kind of problems that non-Christian nations do with pornography and drugs and everything else? We should be setting an example if we’re actually living our Christian faith. The problem is we all say we’re living our Christian faith [and] we’re not living our Christian faith.”

Beck, who supports Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, has been an outspoken critic of Trump and has often told crowds the New York businessman does not represent true conservatism. He and other mainstream Republicans are still looking to prevent Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegates he would need to clinch the GOP nomination. If they can do so, Republicans would like to nominate a non-Trump candidate at the Republican National Convention this summer. However, with Trump continuing to lead Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich by hundreds of delegates, mainstream GOP leaders are running out of time to stop the front-runner.