Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) just made it easier for Gmail users to unsubscribe from annoying mailing lists. The email service announced a feature on Wednesday that pulls the “Unsubscribe” link in certain emails to the top of the message, right next to the sender’s name.

The links, which let email users opt out of further communications with marketers, are often buried near the bottom of a message. Google said it created the oft-requested feature because “combing through an entire message looking for a way to unsubscribe is no fun,” but it only works when the sender includes an unsubscribe link.

Mass emails sent without an unsubscribe option are often flagged by spam filters in any case. Google says senders are also less likely to be tagged as spammers since the new feature makes unsubscribing easier than reporting a message as junk mail.

gmail google unsubscribe junkmail Gmail's new feature moves the unsubscribe link up, next to an email sender's address, for some emails. Photo: Google Inc.

Google also announced support for non-Roman alphabet and accented characters in its email service Wednesday, adopting a standard suggested by the Internet Engineering Task Force almost two years ago. The Mountain View, California, company said the move would encourage faster adoption of the standard industrywide.

The latest standard is available for Gmail already and will come to Google Calendar “soon.” The service doesn't allow Gmail users to create accounts containing non-Roman text, but now lets them receive and send messages to accounts using such characters.