Eleanor (Kristen Bell) isn’t going to be evicted from the good place yet.

A newly released sneak peek at Season 1, episode 8 of “The Good Place” suggests that Eleanor will continue to stay in the neighborhood until Janet (D’Arcy Carden) completes her reboot.

At the end of Season 1, episode 7, entitled “The Eternal Shriek,” Eleanor boldly came out as the problem that caused all the disastrous events in the neighborhood. She finally revealed to her fellow residents that she wasn’t supposed to be in the good place in the first place and that’s the root of the series of problems that took place in the community.

In the sneak peek at next week’s episode, Michael (Ted Danson) invites Eleanor for a private meeting to cross-check necessary information about her mortal life.

“My name is Eleanor Shellstrop, and some of the info you had was right,” Eleanor tells Michael. “I mean, flattened by boner pill truck after dropping margarita mix in grocery store parking lot, that’s very me way to die. But all the other info was wrong.”

Eleanor then tries to justify her decision to hide her true identity for quite some time. “In my defense, when I first arrived and you said, ‘You Eleanor Shellstrop is dead and you’re in the good place,’ I had no reason to think that was a mistake,” she tells Michael.

The neighborhood’s architect, however, isn’t interested in her explanation and just wants things to get done. Unfortunately for him, despite getting all the basic information he needs to locate Eleanor’s actual file, the recently “murdered” Janet isn’t ready to retrieve any information just yet.

“Her memory is still being rebooted because who you know someone murdered her,” Michael tells Eleanor of Janet. “[So locating your file] might take a while.” Watch the sneak peek at the bottom of the article.

Also in the episode, according to its synopsis, Chidi (William Jackson Harper) — who has been harboring a secret — contemplates whether or not to disclose it.

In addition, Entertainment Weekly reported that “Parks and Recreation” alum Adam Scott will make his series debut in the same episode.

“The Good Place” Season 1, episode 8, entitled “Most Improved Player,” airs on Thursday, Oct. 27, at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.