Google has upgraded its Chrome browser to version 2.0 that is 30% faster when loading JavaScript-heavy web pages, but has only included a few new updates.

It's been about eight months since we launched Google Chrome, wrote Darin Fisher from the Google Chrome Team. Aside from exclaiming how fast it is, users have been sending us lots of feedback and feature requests. We've increased our focus on speed and also added some of the most-requested features.

According to Fisher's post, the updates will be automatically downloaded to Chrome.

Here are some of the most significant newly added features to Chrome 2.0:

• Ability to delete thumbnails from new tab page

• Full page zoom

• Full screen mode (by pressing F11)

• Autofill for web forms

Fisher also touted increased stability -- including a fix for more than 300 bugs in Chrome -- and increased speed as areas Google Chrome developers would continue to focus on.