Online or Internet heavy-weights, especially, Google and Facebook heads urged the world leaders attending the G8 summit to make internet accessible for everybody.

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg was among those who presented his opinion at the e-G8 talks in Deauville, France. He promised the heads of governments that he will always be ready to help in any way possible as internet is a powerful medium which gives voice to people all around the world.

Maurice Levy representing the Publics advertising group and host of Wednesday’s e-G8 talks said the proposal to make the internet freely accessible to everyone has been unanimous and steps should be taken to protect intellectual property rights but this does not mean that internet will be put in shackles.

The Google head Eric Schmidt came down heavily upon countries like Iran and Syria which banned internet access during the pro-democracy protests and said it is a big mistake on both the country’s part.

A proposal passed later at the G8 talked about how the private sector remains the life force behind the online business and stressed the need for frankness, simplicity and freedom of speech but added that it should have respect for the law, rights and intellectual property protection.