The team at Google Maps has partnered up with local transit agencies for a whole new project that revolutionizes your commute.

Google announced on Wednesday that an update for both Google Maps for Android 1.6+ and Google Maps for desktop incorporates real-time mass transit data. This allows users not only to plot their bus and train routes, but also track them.

On your mobile phone, you can tell when your ride is going to actually arrive with new live transit updates. First, you need to plan your transit route or click on a station on Google Maps. Then, a screen called Live departures will pop up with a schedule and times.

The content premiered Wednesday in six cities worldwide: Boston, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Madrid (Spain) and Torino (Italy).

Late last year, Microsoft added transit schedules to Bing for Mobile which introduced station maps and schedules for Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Vancouver British Columbia. However, the data was not in real-time.

The Google Maps team said it's working with transit partners to add more cities and real-time data, but would not give any further details about which ones are in the works.

Here's the video for more information: