Sorry, but Google’s Pixel XL seems to be unfit to be considered Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus competitor. A new report has surfaced debunking what would seem as a good way to market the “Pure Android” hardware as a direct rival to the iOS-running phablet. 

In a detailed report by AppleInsider’s Daniel Eran Dilger, Google’s Pixel XL is revealed to lack many key features that the iPhone 7 Plus has despite its similar market value with the latter. Both smartphones sell for $769 for the 32GB model and $869 for the 128GB model by the way, in case you’re wondering. The difference here is Apple has a 256GB model that sells for $969. If Google had decided to offer a Pixel XL variant with the same internal memory, it’s a given that it would also come with the same price tag. 

Dilger’s report details how the Pixel XL does not have stereo speakers, Haptic feedback and 3D Touch, Wide Color display and the remarkable camera technology that Apple is proud to say its phablet comes with. Google did say that its Pixel smartphones have the “highest rated smartphone camera ever” by DXOMark, but contrary to this, the trusted industry standard for camera and lens quality and ratings reportedly said that Pixel’s camera “didn’t perform as well as some of the other flagship phones, as it lost details in the shadows.” Add to this the fact that DXOMark has yet to score the dual-lens camera of the iPhone 7 Plus, and it’s clear why Google can conveniently claim that its smartphone camera is the best. 

In addition to not having the key features that are present in the iPhone 7 Plus, Dilger also pointed out how the Pixel XL does not come with SD Card support, a removable battery and an extra RAM and processing power that are actually needed to make the most out of the Android OS. On a final note, Dilger implied that the Pixel smartphones just can’t hold a candle to the iPhone 7 handsets that are “faster, smarter, more powerful” and have better display and sound. 

Google officially unveiled its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones on Oct. 4. The handsets are primarily differentiated by the size and resolution of their screens since all other specs and features are the same for the two, including Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 821 processor and the specialized version of the Android Nougat software, according to the Verge. What makes the Pixel phones special save for the fact that they are the first Google phones following the death of the Nexus line is they have support for the Daydream VR headset and they come with Google’s AI assistant simply called as Google Assistant.